We welcome you to view our webinar library with our physicians. The range of fertility topics will grow your fertility knowledge along with helpful doctor-attendee Q&A.

For viewing these webinars, we offer a 50% off initial consultation with a physician of your choice by emailing (newpatients@scrcivf.com) with code SCRCWebinar or entering it on the form on this page.


Optimizing Male Fertility with Dr. Wendy Chang and guest Dr. Jesse Mills

PCOS and Infertility: What you need to know with Dr. Wendy Chang and Dr. Carolyn Alexander

Cancer and Your Fertility Options with Dr. Shahin Ghadir and Dr. Lina Akopians

Fertility Questions to Ask your OB GYN with Dr. Hal Danzer

Your First SCRC Visit with Dr. Shahin Ghadir

Advances in Reproductive Technologies Webinar with Dr. Lina Akopians & Dr. Jason Barritt

Men's Health and Understanding Their Role in Fertility Success - Dr. Mark Surrey & Dr. Shahin Ghadir

Family Planning for All Webinar with Dr. Shahin Ghadir

Is Egg Freezing Right For Me? with Dr. Wendy Chang and Dr. Carolyn Alexander

Q&A Understanding Fertility in 2021 Panel with Dr. Danzer, Dr. Akopians and Dr. Ghadir

Understanding Fertility in 2021 Q&A Dr.Wendy Chang & Dr. Carolyn Alexander

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