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Widely acclaimed as one of the best fertility centers to treat infertility struggles, SCRC is your reproductive clinic from diagnosis and care up to the 12th week of pregnancy. More and more couples are choosing SCRC to build their families. We offer fertility services and IVF in Beverly Hills/Los AngelesSanta BarbaraPasadena, and surrounding areas.

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In order to determine the best treatment for you, we need to make sure you have an accurate infertility diagnosis. There are many different causes of infertility; identifying which is responsible is a crucial first step.


About Our Team

We are dedicated to providing our patients the highest quality of care with respect and compassion. Employing the most innovative technologies, we optimize the chances for success in creating a family. Our practice is proudly inclusive and supports a diverse patient population.


From Our Patients

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“I cannot speak more highly about Dr. Chang and her staff. We did a lot of research before choosing our fertility doctor and we could have not made a better choice. She is kind and patient, taking the time to truly listen and understand our needs. Even though she is incredibly busy, we never felt rushed. She always explained everything in great detail, giving us all our options along with her recommendation. Not to mention, she is a rockstar in her field. When my wife was not getting pregnant after multiple IUI attempts, she did everything she could to find ...”
- Arica W.
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“Very happy with Dr. Akopians and the staff at SCRC. She has a wonderful bedside manner and took the time to review all of our medical history and notes prior to our initial call. We were with another fertility clinic before and always felt like just another client, but Dr. Akopians definitely made us feel important during this very stressful and exhaustive process. Her support staff and front desk are top notch and made the many visits I made to the clinic really pleasant.”
- Michelle L.
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“I wanted to use this opportunity again to thank you Doctor Surrey for making it possible for me to have a beautiful baby boy who is now 19 months old. SCRC is clean and people working there are professional. I wouldn't forget Laura ,she is a great nurse and respectful.Thank you Laura for your smile and professionalism .Doctor Surrey what can I do if not for your great Job.Thank you for making me smile again.God bless you. Thank you, Chukwudebelu, Evelyn.”
- Evelyn C.
Star Star Star Star Star
“I'm so happy I found Dr Alexander. She is honestly the best fertility doctor here in LA. She is smart, on top of the current research and (at least from my experience) cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and problems, and only offers up the best treatments she herself would want if she were in your position.... I have had two miscarriages - one at 39 years old and the other at 40 years old - and Dr Alexander came up with the right meds needed to help me get where I am ...”
- Kim M.
Star Star Star Star Star
“Dr. Danzer is the best doctor we met following a long 8 year IVF journey. He listened carefully and guided us through gently and professionally. The result is our beautiful baby girl!! If you are beginning your IVF journey or even ready to give up just meet with Dr. Danzer first. We are over the moon we did and can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Dr Danzer!!!!”
- Emma K.
Star Star Star Star Star
“We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Carolyn Alexander and her team at Southern California Reproductive Center for helping us build our family over the years. With Dr. Alexander's expertise and truly genuine spirit, care, and support, we felt comfortable and hopeful going through our journey with her by our side. My wife and I are thankful to have each carried and are so happy Dr. Alexander is a part of our family's story. Our hearts are full and family complete.”
- Meg & Angela
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“Dr Akopians and her team are five star!! Very amazing and respectable doctor. Her team is also very efficient esp her nurse Julia! You will receive the best of care with dr Akopians!”
- Valerie V.
Star Star Star Star Star
“Dr. Alexander is the sweetest kindest doctor who handled our IVF journey with so much care and consistency. She possesses an incredible bedside manner. You really feel her care and passion in helping us to conceive. She loves her job and that rolls over to her patients. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility in a heartbeat. She is brilliant and incredibly knowledgeable in the field of reproductive endocronology. I'm thrilled to report that I'm currently pregnant with my first child at age 36.”
- Michelle S.
Star Star Star Star Star
“Our experience with SCRC was awesome. We had a hard time getting pregnant and was about to give up until my gynecologist referred us to Dr. Surrey in Santa Barbara. Going into IVF is scary especially facing the unknown but the staff at SCRC made our experience calm and easy to understand. It's an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs but having trust in Dr. Surrey made it so much more calming and understanding as he answered all our questions with so much knowledge. Thanks to the staff and everyone else at the center we now have a beautiful 2 ...”
- Jessica E.