Retrieval day


I was thinking at best the doctor would retrieve fourteen eggs. And don’t get me wrong, I would have been pleased with fourteen. But not all fertilize or make it to day five so the more the merrier. Well, lo and behold (as I was shopping at Living Spaces) I got the anticipated call, told my sales guy to “hold that thought” and I ran to a quiet place to answer. 

“Jennifer, my dear,” the familiar voice on the other end of the line said, “your amazing donor produced twenty-three eggs.”

YES!!! Twenty-three! I damn near did a jig around the store. I was over the moon elated. Remember, this fertility deal is a ride. The highs are as high as anything you’ll feel and well the lows…Anyway, this was a HIGH. I didn’t even know that it was possible to get more eggs than what was previously counted on her last ultra sound.

As an aside, it’s kind of funny, but as you go through the process you become like this little fertility expert (you learn the lingo and the numbers, etc.) and you share this info with anybody who will listen. That written, apparently what I thought was an impossibility wasn’t. If more eggs wanted to join the party well they were more than welcome. And by the way, our SCRC doctor is a fertility GOD!! If Prince was a rock God then our doctor is a fertility God. Today was a good day.


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