Sperm Freezing & Egg Freezing

Egg freezing or sperm freezing, also called cryopreservation, is performed by placing eggs or sperm in a special freezing medium and storing them at an extremely low temperature. Egg freezing can be done with both unfertilized and fertilized eggs; early-stage embryos are frozen routinely. Eggs, sperm, and embryos can remain frozen for months or even years, and then thawed for use in IVF or embryo transfer.

SCRC: Egg Freezing Clinic

It’s simple – The fertility doctors at SCRC are among the best in their field, and we have one of the most sophisticated assisted reproductive technology lab. Couples who have had difficulty getting pregnant have had success conceiving with eggs or sperm that have been frozen using our lab and cryopreservation techniques.

Why consider egg freezing or sperm freezing?

Sometimes, couples may need to store semen specimens in advance of an IVF procedure. Others may want to freeze semen or eggs due to cancer treatment, military service, occupational risks, or for other reasons. A major reason women choose egg freezing is they aren’t ready to have a baby because of where they are in their career and/or they haven’t found the right partner yet.

Women can freeze their own eggs or use an egg donor. Embryos either generated on-site at our facility or sent to us from other assisted reproductive technology facilities can be frozen by cryopreservation and stored for immediate or future use.

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