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Residents of West Hollywood, take heart! Your dream of becoming a parent just got one step closer to reality. Southern California Reproductive Center is the premier infertility clinic in Southern California. Our practice is entirely focused upon the needs of our patients. We aim to develop a strong, trusting relationship with our perspective parents and do all in our power to assure that such a bond will form. Our caring, professional, concerned staff will be on your side from start to finish giving you the pregnancy you desire and the beautiful family that you have been dreaming about.

Meet Our West Hollywood Fertility Specialists

Southern California Reproductive Center is home to some of the most well respected staff of reproductive and fertility experts in the world. Our patients come from around the world to seek the advice and services of our doctors’ who together have over 25 years of success. We have been involved with the in vitro fertilization process since its inception, and continue to keep up-to-date on the latest medical advances in diagnosis and procedures. By keeping current with the latest methods of helping women become pregnant, we focus on success being our top priority.

Some of the medical areas we offer at our practice are:

What does a Fertility Specialist Do?

Fertility specialists have received extra training in the medical or surgical treatment of individuals and couples who wish to become pregnant but struggle to do so naturally. The fertility specialist is first trained in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Upon completion of that training, they spend an extended period of time training in the specialty area of Reproductive Endocrinology. The doctor’s training must continue, as routine advancements are made in this field. The experts at Southern California Reproductive Center regularly attend and participate in educational opportunities and studies focused on the latest advancements in the field.

Why Choose a Reproductive Specialist?

Recurring pregnancy loss and struggling to conceive can often cause stress and strain in relationships These issues can take a toll on any healthy relationship. Individuals and couples (including same-sex couples), who want to have a baby but experience difficulty, deserve to have the family of their dreams and we are here to make that wish a reality. South California Reproductive Center provides emotional and medical support to couples and individuals who want to become parents. In this way, we treat the whole patient and family.

Contact SCRC today for a consultation. Speak to our amazing and supportive staff. Our highly skilled physicians will look into the cause for your infertility and treat you with individualized and tailored care plan.