Funding Your Fertility Journey

How Much Will This Cost?

The cost of fertility treatment such as IVF usually represents a significant financial investment, and many families are concerned about how to finance their treatment, especially when insurance coverage is minimal or nonexistent. There are many factors which affect the total cost of IVF and other fertility treatments which should be taken into account when you are choosing a fertility clinic. Understanding what to expect is an important first step in planning and managing the financial side of treatment.

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Commonly Asked Questions Regarding Initial Consultation

1) What insurance coverage do you have?

While many insurance companies do not provide coverage for fertility treatment, the diagnostic phase of treatment and related tests can sometimes be covered. Be sure to check with your insurance company.

2) What is the clinic’s success rate?

A higher success rate may mean that fewer cycles are needed to achieve a healthy pregnancy and bring home a baby. The training and experience of the doctors, embryologists, and technicians have a big role to play in how successful a clinic is. When looking at clinic success rates, remember that it is important to ask about their success rates with patients who match your profile: age, diagnosis, etc.

3) What is included in the price of an average IVF cycle?

Usually, an IVF cycle covers:

● In-cycle lab tests
● In-cycle ultrasounds
● The egg retrieval procedure
● Fertilization
● Cycle management
● Facility fees
● Anesthesia
● Assisted hatching
● Facility fees
● Embryo cryo
● Storage

4) What routine costs are not included?

Several parts of the IVF process are usually handled by outside providers, which means that the cost does not fall under the price quoted per cycle by your fertility clinic. These include:

● The cost of fertility medications for ovarian stimulation
● The anesthesia for the egg retrieval procedure (Note: Roxbury Surgery Center is part of our practice and the fees are included in the fee sheets.)
● The cost of freezing and storing unused embryos from your cycle. (Note: ART Reproductive Center is also part of our practice and included in the IVF pricing.) 

5) What other procedures may not be covered?

There are additional procedures and Assisted Reproductive Technologies which are sometimes recommended in particular cases and are not covered by a standard IVF cycle price, such as:

● Genetic testing
● Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)

6) How does third-party reproduction affect cost?

Many families use donor eggs or sperm with IVF to grow their families. It is an option which can offer exceptional success rates for many patients. Others choose to use IVF surrogacy to make their dreams of a new baby possible. All of these options have associated additional costs, which can be significant, especially in the case of surrogacy. Our Third Party Clinical & Financial Team can provide these costs.

7) Are there non-medical expenses to consider?

For some patients, taking days off work to attend appointments is a cost which must be factored in. For patients traveling a distance to the clinic, travel, accommodation, and childcare expenses can be an additional consideration.

While paying for fertility treatment is not always simple, it may be more possible than you think. Flexible financing plans can help to spread the cost over time, as well as other financial options which can help lighten the burden. If you are considering fertility treatment for yourself, call SCRC at (866) 312-0771 or click here to contact us. You can arrange a no-obligation consultation with one of our dedicated fertility specialists who can walk you through your options.

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