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The journey through fertility is daunting and very emotional. Dr. Alexander walks you through it with her expertise. She has a calm, collected and “matter of fact” approach. You can see her think a million miles a minute, adjusting protocols to individualize your care, which I appreciated so much because she doesn’t just look at you as a number, but takes your case as a whole and gives it serious thought.

After 1.5 years of trying to get pregnant and failing at it, (who thought it would be so hard?) I contacted Dr. Alexander. I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility, possibly silent endometriosis.

Her team is very responsive, always responding to my phone calls/emails. The clinic is open at 7 AM which allowed me to get in before work for my appts, making the whole experience less stressful.

For my own piece of mind, I went to 2 other clinics for a second opinion, but I circled right back to Dr. Alexander for a number of reasons; mainly because she’s thorough, up-to-date on all things relating to fertility and she works at a huge facility that has a state of the art embryology lab (which is very important! If you do IVF).

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, she got me pregnant with just one round of IVF. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant while I write this review. I couldn’t recommend her, her team, or SCRC enough. They are truly the Ferrari of fertility clinics in LA.


Evelyn C.

I wanted to use this opportunity again to thank you Doctor Surrey for making it possible for me to have a beautiful baby boy who is now 19 months old. SCRC is clean and people working there are professional. I wouldn’t forget Laura ,she is a great nurse and respectful.Thank you Laura for your smile and professionalism .Doctor Surrey what can I do if not for your great Job.Thank you for making me smile again.God bless you.

Thank you,
Chukwudebelu, Evelyn.

Kim M.

I’m so happy I found Dr Alexander. She is honestly the best fertility doctor here in LA. She is smart, on top of the current research and (at least from my experience) cares about her patients. She takes the time to listen to your concerns and problems, and only offers up the best treatments she herself would want if she were in your position…. I have had two miscarriages – one at 39 years old and the other at 40 years old – and Dr Alexander came up with the right meds needed to help me get where I am today – pregnant at 41 years old!

Emma K.

Dr. Danzer is the best doctor we met following a long 8 year IVF journey. He listened carefully and guided us through gently and professionally. The result is our beautiful baby girl!! If you are beginning your IVF journey or even ready to give up just meet with Dr. Danzer first. We are over the moon we did and can’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you Dr Danzer!!!!

Meg & Angela

We are incredibly grateful to Dr. Carolyn Alexander and her team at Southern California Reproductive Center for helping us build our family over the years. With Dr. Alexander’s expertise and truly genuine spirit, care, and support, we felt comfortable and hopeful going through our journey with her by our side. My wife and I are thankful to have each carried and are so happy Dr. Alexander is a part of our family’s story. Our hearts are full and family complete.

Michelle S.

Dr. Alexander is the sweetest kindest doctor who handled our IVF journey with so much care and consistency. She possesses an incredible bedside manner. You really feel her care and passion in helping us to conceive. She loves her job and that rolls over to her patients. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with infertility in a heartbeat. She is brilliant and incredibly knowledgeable in the field of reproductive endocronology. I’m thrilled to report that I’m currently pregnant with my first child at age 36.

Jessica E.

Our experience with SCRC was awesome. We had a hard time getting pregnant and was about to give up until my gynecologist referred us to Dr. Surrey in Santa Barbara. Going into IVF is scary especially facing the unknown but the staff at SCRC made our experience calm and easy to understand. It’s an emotional rollercoaster with ups and downs but having trust in Dr. Surrey made it so much more calming and understanding as he answered all our questions with so much knowledge. Thanks to the staff and everyone else at the center we now have a beautiful 2 month old baby girl and we are forever grateful for everyone at SCRC.
Thank you, The Evans family.

Anonymous Patient

After two long years, multiple invasive diagnostic procedures, and three heartbreaking unsuccessful IVF attempts at another clinic, we were ready to give up. That was until someone told us about Dr. Mark Surrey. We scheduled a consultation with Dr. Surrey and were impressed with his in depth knowledge and expertise. We decided to give it one more try. Having gone through the experience multiple times at the previous clinic, we noticed how Dr. Surrey’s approach appeared to be uniquely different. His expertise, technique, and treatment recommendations were innovative and cutting edge. Thanks to Dr. Surrey and his attentive nursing staff, especially Olivia, we are now 8 weeks pregnant! I have read hundreds of reviews but have never written a review about anything until now. Our experience with Dr. Surrey and his nursing staff is so precious

Anonymous Patient

All the people working there are amazing. They have a gift. Everybody is nice and friendly. Dr. Surrey’s team is the best that girls can be. With me all the time, through every question, every good and bad news, they understand me. They are more than nurses and doctors, so prepared. They are so human, they are perfect for this job. I will never forget my girls, my friends Olivia, Laura and Maria. They are my angels that will be with me always. Throughout the process, I never forgot that all the time I have my husband by my side and a specialist holding my hand, explaining to me and giving me good vibes. All the teams are amazing. I will never forget all the things that you do for me and my family. Thank you so much!!!

Anonymous Patient

My experience has been amazing. Dr. Surrey is the best!!! So prepared, nice and friendly. He explains everything that you want to know and is so patient and nice. I always feel comfortable and secure with him and he gives me the time and the attention that I need. For me he is an angel in my life and I will never forget that he helped me to have a baby and be a mother again. He is a great person and the best doctor!!!!

Anonymous Patient

Dr. Danzer has been my physician for two years. He taught me the excellence of having a baby. In truth, I wasn’t ready to be pregnant yet. His incredible nurse team is very helpful, kind and listened to my story. I highly recommend Dr. Danzer and his great nurse team!!

Anonymous Patient

I have to say that from the moment I walked into Dr. Surrey’s office I knew this was the place I was going to go with, I felt comfortable from the very beginning. Dr. Surrey gave me hope and by the end of my consultation I was so excited that I even hugged and kissed the doctor on the cheek, a little embarrassed but I was just so thrilled that there were options for my situation. Dr. Surrey explained all the different testing possible and I felt comfortable knowing the laboratories were one of the best. I went with the PGD testing to find chromosomally normal embryos because I have a balanced translocation. Well it took a few months of prepping and testing but they found some and I am now pregnant with twins. It has been a long road for my husband and I. We have a beautiful daughter who inherited an unbalanced Version which means she has learning difficulties, and now to know that we can bring her two children to play with and watch all of them learn from each other is my dream come true. I thank Dr. Surrey and his wonderful staff of nurses Maria, Laura, and Olivia which were also always there for all my questions and there was plenty of laughter. Thank you for helping me and my husband complete our family – thank you all so much you make miracles happen every day.


Dr. Surrey and his complete team are truly amazing. They have made it possible for my husband I to become parents. Which has been the most amazing gift. They have all been understanding and caring during difficult times. They respond quickly and are all around a very dedicated group of people. Dr. Surrey is calm, confident and honest. He will always make time to talk to you even though he is often very busy. The nurses are exceptional. They care so much and it shows in the work they do each and every day. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Surrey and his team. I am forever grateful to all of them!

Emily H.

I’m forever grateful for the 4 healthy embryos that I have thanks to Dr. Surrey’s expertise & knowledge. I know these are great results. His care & compassion during the process was also appreciated. I can’t say enough about the caring staff, state of the art lab, and the operating team.

Anonymous Patient

Dr. Danzer was the 4th fertility doctor I had seen. By this time, I had lots of experience with the process and protocols. Dr. Danzer was exceptional! His overall demeanor is calming. But his depth of knowledge was what sold him. His approach is very case by case as opposed to rigid thinking (i.e. “all my patients do this and we have these stats”). This approach is critical as each person’s body reacts uniquely. His open-mindedness and experience made him the best doctor I’ve had. And we got pregnant with him on second try at age 43.5 years old.

Anonymous Patient

I cannot say enough about Dr. Danzer and his team. Not only are they kind and efficient, they really stick with you. They know you. They support you. They are nothing short of amazing.

Anonymous Patient

Amazing! We have been through so much in our fertility journey. Dr. Danzer and his team have been wonderful and supportive throughout all of the ups and downs. We have our beautiful baby boy because of his expertise in our treatment. We are now trying again! Once again, we have been extremely impressed with the compassion and kindness with which we have been treated. We flew across the country because our friends raved about Dr. Danzer and it has been worth all of the extra hassle and expense because the whole team is nothing short of outstanding. We continue to be so grateful to Dr. Danzer and pray for a successful outcome to our current round of treatment.

Audrey Morgan (Infertility Fear)

Aubrey Morgan was was diagnosed with endometriosis and told by her doctor that she was infertile at age 20. Not willing to accept that fate, Aubrey visited fertility specialist, Mark Surrey, M.D., co-founder and medical director of Southern California Reproductive Center, where she found a compassionate doctor and staff who understood the problem, made her feel comfortable and safe and reassured her.

Team Alvarez (IVF Success Story)

Love, Cristie & Markus

Dear Dr. Danzer, Markus and I had a beautiful baby boy on December 19, 2011. Thank you so much for this amazing gift. You are an angel.


Anonymous Patient

Dr. Danzer and his incredible staff at Southern California Reproductive Center made the birth of our daughter possible. I was over 45 years old at the time my husband and I had our initial consultation with Dr. Danzer. I had never been pregnant, and had been using various methods of birth control for most of my adult life. After our consultation, I underwent numerous tests at SCRC. My husband and I had several very thoughtful discussions with Dr. Danzer concerning various physiological, medical, psychological, age and pregnancy-related issues and statistics, the condition of my health, and related moral issues. Those discussions included talking in-depth about IVF and possibly utilizing an egg donor. We ended up making an informed decision to proceed with the egg donor process.
Dr. Danzer referred us to a highly regarded egg donor agency. After much diligent work and follow-up on our part, we found our “perfect” donor. The kindness, care and attention we received from Dr. Danzer and his staff throughout the process was outstanding. My pregnancy went a few days shy of full term and we had a great birth. Our fantastic baby was incredibly healthy at birth and has thrived to become a fabulous and fun child.

We had a very positive outcome with the egg donor procedure due to the exceptional level of professionalism, clinical excellence and expertise of Dr. Danzer and his staff. Everyone was consistently kind and compassionate, providing soothing, nurturing comfort and support throughout the entire egg donor/IVF process. We were kept informed; Dr. Danzer and his staff were extremely responsive and our questions were always answered in a timely manner.

Choosing to use an egg donor to become pregnant was a profound, exciting and life altering experience for us. It is not for everyone. However, if years pass and pregnancy does not happen naturally, and if IVF fails repeatedly, I would strongly encourage couples to consider using an egg donor and working with Dr. Danzer and his fabulous team.


Sonya and Mike

Dear Dr. Surrey and Staff, we will be forever grateful to SCRC for having finally achieved our long sought-after dream. Having been through 3 other clinics, we walked into SCRC with quite a bit of trepidation. The entire staff treated us with professionalism, competency and compassion. Thank you for everything!


Valerie and Michael (and Ellie)

Dear Dr. Surrey,

How can we possibly thank you for helping to make our dreams come true? Little is everything we ever wanted, and more. Thank you so much for all your care, support and expertise. You and your staff are truly wonderful! We’re looking forward to working with you on Baby #2.