What Are the Success Rates for IVF?

We are very proud of the thousands of successes SCRC has celebrated with our patients over the years. Thanks to our team of renowned fertility experts, our state-of-the-art technology, our world-class ART labs, and our patient-centered approach, it has been our privilege to help all of these families achieve their cherished dream of bringing home a baby.

When you are in the process of choosing a fertility clinic, you want to make the most informed decision possible based on all of the available information. Potential patients who are investigating their treatment options can look up the reported success rate statistics of local clinics, thanks to the independent, unbiased Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology.

This is a good place to start, but understanding publicized success rates and what they potentially mean for you can be confusing. Statistics can be misleading in general, and differences in cycle reporting practices can seem to inflate or lower success rates between clinics. Predicting your own likelihood of success from these tables isn’t easy, particularly because IVF success relies on many variable factors:

  • Maternal age
  • Reproductive and health history
  • Cause/diagnosis of infertility
  • Lifestyle
  • Treatment protocols and choice (for example, fresh or frozen embryo transfersICSIgenetic screening)
  • Education and experience of doctors and embryologists
  • Quality of fertility laboratory

A clinic’s statistical success rates can be heavily influenced by the type of patients they work with. For example, do they take on particularly complex cases for patients with multiple infertility issues and a history of failed IVF cycles at other clinics? This might bring down their overall success rates, but it could also mean that their specific outcomes for patients in this situation may be better than another clinic which only accepts uncomplicated cases.

As you evaluate the success rates of a fertility clinic, the most important numbers to look at are their success rates with patients who match your profile: similar age, similar diagnosis. SCRC prioritizes healthy pregnancies for a successful birth resulting in a happy and healthy mom and baby.

Every patient is different, but you will get the most realistic idea of your chances by comparing like with like. This also underlines the importance of a thorough, rigorous diagnostic process: you need a clear and accurate picture of your fertility situation before you can begin to make any meaningful predictions about how IVF may work for you.

At SCRC, our commitment to seeing every patient as a unique individual is central to our success. You are not a statistic. From the very beginning of each diagnostic consultation we will work closely with you to create an individual treatment plan designed to give you your best chance of success.

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