She isn't crazy

You are going to end up at Buy Buy Baby at some point with one of those scan guns in your hands setting up a registry. You are going to know more about Bugaboo and Stokke than you ever imagined. You are going to start talking about whether you like the name Olivia for a girl or Jackson for a boy.

And then you are going to look over at your partner and she isn’t even going to be pregnant yet. This happens.

Nursery paint colors talk. Looking at onesies. Reading “Baby Wise” together at night. Just do it. It’s not crazy to her. And if you really think about it it shouldn’t be. It’s like creating a baby vision board. It starts with believing that it will be so.

So go ahead and walk outside with the employee from Buy Buy Baby to see if that Stokke stroller will fold up and fit in your trunk because one day, just maybe, if you hope real hard and those docs at SCRC do what they do, it will have to.

– Jenn


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