Jenn and Peter jump together in excitement


I feel like a preacher in the middle of a sermon on a sweltering 星期日 somewhere south of Savannah. That’s the feeling that’s overcome us today. Our donor is ready to go! I said, our donor is ready to go! She’s been cleared. SHE HAS BEEN CLEARED!!! She is medically cleared I said! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! The news is good! Start your injections, get out your cycle calendar.

Jenn hates needles, but she can’t wait to start sticking herself in the stomach! We are that much closer to a BABY! Our donor has been cleared! It’s been a long, winding road. A road filled with doubt and sorrow at times, but with a little faith well that light starts to shine….I said that light starts to shine…’s happening, good people, it is happening!





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