My husband and I met when we were in our early 20’s and instantly I knew he was the one. We moved in together about 5 years later and during that time we suffered a miscarriage and I had to have a D & C because I had a late miscarriage. I was in a lot of pain throughout the procedure and extremely traumatized from what I had just experienced but I trusted my doctor and knew it had to be done. My husband and I were also left heartbroken and felt empty, more than we ever imagined. Although we were not expecting to get pregnant we were happy for this next chapter in our lives and had already started picking baby names.

Fast forward about 8 years later and we finally got married in Las Vegas during the pandemic, it was a very spontaneous decision but the best decision of our lives. We bought our first home and got our first dog. Throughout our entire relationship we were never using any kind of birth control so I knew in my heart we had fertility issues. The only time I got pregnant was the one time and it ended in a miscarriage.

A few years after our Vegas elopement we knew it was time to see an IVF doctor. I did research and heard great things about SCRC so I definitely wanted to give them a try.

We did all the testing needed and we found out my husband has low sperm count. We knew that IUI was a very low percentage of working but had to try anyway. After two failed IUIs we moved onto IVF. A very stressful and exciting decision but we knew we were in good hands. Fast forward a few months later and we had a successful egg retrieval! We are beyond thrilled that we have 6 healthy embryos.

Now it was time for my first saline infusion sonogram in which they found what they believed to be a polyp. I was so devastated but I knew the right thing to do was to get it removed by doing a hysteroscopy. Unfortunately, my insurance would not cover the procedure to be done at SCRC so I had to get done with my gyno. I had my procedure done about 3 weeks later and I felt great! Once I was healed and my results came back, which ended up being endometrial tissue and not a polyp, I was ready to start transfer medications. I went to do my first baseline appointment and they told me everything looked great! I was so happy. I went for my next baseline appointment and they found a polyp. Our doctor told me that it was most likely caused by the estrogen, I was devastated. I cried and cried. I couldn’t understand why this was happening right before my transfer. The best thing to do was to postpone my transfer.

I am now waiting for my period to start so we can see what the next steps are. I had a hard time accepting the fact that I was taking a few steps back but I know in my heart it is what’s best to have a healthy transfer. With all that being said, my husband and I have emotionally and financially paid a lot for our ongoing IVF cycle and surgeries.

P.S. – Thank you so much for reading our story. And thank you for always being compassionate and communicative with us! We are excited to continue our IVF journey at SCRC.

Diana H.
(Update – Diana and her husband welcomed their beautiful baby girl in December of 2023)


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