We are proud to be one of the first fertility centers to use the ZyMо̄t chip technology which isolates the healthiest, best-performing sperm with the lowest possible DNA fragmentation* to be selected for embryo creation.

In a study of over 2000 patients, the use of the ZyMot chip increased positive pregnancy outcomes​ 15% versus the standard centrifugation method.

With 50% of infertility cases linked to poor sperm health, our Embryology Team uses the latest technology, such as the ZyMо̄t chip, to help make embryos into babies and couples into families.

*Sperm can have more than 35% DNA fragmentation, even for the healthiest of men. DNA fragmentation indicates the presence of sperm with damaged (broken) DNA. Integrity of sperm DNA is key to obtaining viable embryos, and subsequently a healthy baby.