Go in
You are going to yell and scream and cry and then laugh and then get chills and then feel excitement and fear like you’ve never felt in your life and then cry again and that will all repeat. That means that you are going through fertility treatment.

Congratulations! It ain’t easy sometimes. Remember that you have gotten on a roller coaster ride. We are all on the ride together. Remember that. Nobody is alone here. Overwhelm will kick in most certainly though. Count on feeling overwhelmed. A lot. Count on feeling everything. A lot.

Here’s a tip, a little something I like to do when the feelings come through like twisters though tornado alley. What I like to do is Go In. What do I mean by that? I mean exactly what I wrote: Go In. Instead of TALKING about my feelings when I’m having them I FEEL them instead.

I go into my body and get out of my head. I close my eyes and I feel where those feelings are in my body. Is my chest tightening? Are my hands warm or tingly? Is my head hurting? I don’t judge them or assess them or minimize them. I just feel them. And then guess what happens? They pass. They always pass. I get present to the sensations that the feelings are. That’s it. And then I am back to neutral. This process is so simple and so powerful. A friend of ours wrote a book about this called Stop, Feel and Heal. I can’t recommend this process enough. Especially to all of you who are now living in tornado alley with us. 

By the way, do you know who are masters at this process coincidentally enough? Babies. They feel feelings in the moment. They don’t cry about a dirty diaper from two days ago. They don’t worry about what may or may not happen next week. They are perfectly present. Be compassionate and loving to yourself, my friends. Go in and feel all those feelings whenever they show up. That’s all there is to do. Really. 


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