Sima Taghizadeh, Director of Clinical Operations

Sima Taghizadeh has led a long career as a fertility advocate, nurse, and leader in her fourteen years working in fertility healthcare. She earned her Nursing degree from West Coast University in Los Angeles and received her Master of Healthcare Administration and Management degree from National University of Los Angeles.

Sima began working in the field of infertility in 2008 as a back office medical assistant. She continued her education and became an IVF Coordinator where she managed a large range of fertility treatments including IUI, IVF and third party cycles. In 2016 she graduated with her Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. Sima then held the roles of Nursing Department Supervisor and later on, Director of Clinical Operations. She is a fertility advocate, IVF Nurse and IVF patient. Sima brings a unique perspective that gives insight into what clinics can do to retain their nurses through empowerment, building morale, and preventing burnout. She is also passionate about educating people on the common, yet often misunderstood, infertility journey.

Sima is a proud member of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), AOR (Association of perioperative Registered Nurses), Sigma Theta Tau (International Honor Society of Nursing) and published a study for Quality Improvement in Healthcare Delivery in 2016.

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