Southern California Reproductive Centers

Dear Dr. Ghadir,

While this letter is very long overdue, the sentiments Ryan and I have for all you have done for us remain the same. We cannot thank you enough for helping us get pregnant - not with one, but two babies! When we started this journey, we didn't know what to expect. We were saddened by our struggles of not being able to create a baby on our own and at times felt desperate that it may not happen. At the same time, we were hopeful that you would be able to provide us the family we longed for. After meeting with you in our consultation visit, we found the optimism that this would happen for us. The process was definitely a lot more challenging than we expected, but your confidence in and dedication to getting us pregnant helped us make it through. We wouldn't be anxiously awaiting the arrival of our two boys were it not for you. We are forever grateful for what you have given us. There aren't words that could truly express the gratitude we have for you.

We also have to thank your entire staff for everything they did for us, especially Maria. She was amazing through this process. She was patient with all of our questions and provided the guidance and support I personally needed as we made our way through our fertility struggle. I have never had an experience at a doctor's office where I felt so genuinely cared for by everyone. It was bittersweet leaving the office for the last time because I knew that I would genuinely miss everyone there.

While we would never wish our experience on any couple, Ryan and I would have no hesitation in recommending you if we knew they were in need of fertility help. One of the most frustrating things for us going through infertility was the sheer fact that people don't talk about it and we didn't know why this was happening to us or what our options were. You were right there with us through the entire process and provided all of the guidance and information we needed in making the decisions of how we wanted to proceed with our journey. Infertility is a very personal thing and we felt completely comfortable being in your hands. We know you would treat all patients with the same respect and provide them with the same guidance and support you gave to us.

Thank you again for helping us achieve the family we always knew we were meant to have. While these babies are 50% me and 50% Ryan, you are still a very big part of their existence and that will never be forgotten.

With much gratitude, 
Shannon and Ryan Adams

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