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Dearest Dr. Ghadir,

It's hard to believe it's happening, but it feels more real every moment.  I think back on that day in June '09 when we walked into your office completely devastated and resigned to coming to terms with the fact we wouldn't be able to have the family we had dreamed of- even adoption, at the time was not a reality.  I don't think I ever told you this but on that day we really didn't want to come into your office.  We figured that unless you had a baby in the back, we didn't see any reason to be there.  We were out of money and hope.  Little did we know, in essence you DID have a "baby in the back"- 13 embryos to be donated.

You've been confident and strong from the beginning which has been an enormous source of strength for me though I've tried not to call upon it too much.   This science in helping couples have children seems more of an art to me.  You have to juggle so much at the same time.  Thank you for listening to me, taking my emotions seriously, reassuring me and not giving up on me or my body.  Even when I had given up, you still saw possibilities.  

I think you are brilliantly talented and I feel that you really care, which again helps me to feel strong and positive.  No matter what happens I want to tell you how much this opportunity means to Dave and me.  It's a chance, maybe even a long shot but at least we get to take it. 

I feel good and my body feels on board...on the same page.  When it comes time to do the transfer there is not one doctor in the world that I'd rather have by my side than you, Dr. Ghadir.  You're my Obi-Wan Kenobi! 

Thank you so much,


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