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Types of Infertility

Pregnancy With HIV.

Dr. Mark Surrey on KMIR6 in Palm Desert.

What is the ideal number of egg for retrieval?

What's New In Fertility Treatment?

Benefits of Egg Freezing on ABC 7

Dr. Mark Surrey or ABC7 News - Joint Pain Relief With Estrogen?

Egg Freezing and Future Fertility

When Embryos Don't Produce Pregnancy

How Safe is Embryo Biopsy?

What about pre genetic testing?

What does a man's age have to do with his fertility?

What is luteal support?

Maturity of Retrieved Eggs.

Taking Medication Before IVF

Future Fertility & Egg Freezing

Cleaning the Embryology Lab

Fertility preservation advances

Egg Freezing Procedure

Egg Freezing Success Rate

What is Natural Cycle IVF?

How Many Eggs Should A Woman Freeze?

Praise for Dr. Mark Surrey

Male Age and Fertility

Is Egg Freezing Safe

Infertility Fear

Anti Depressants and IVF

How Many Eggs Should be Frozen

The Future of Frozen Eggs

Repeat Egg Retrieval

Fertility Decline

Egg Freezing & Exercise

Best Age to Freeze Eggs?


How acupuncture may be helpful for women undergoing IVF

Does taking birth control pills have any long term effects on fertility?

Advances in Women's Surgery

Medications used in IVF treatments

SCRC's First IVF Patient

When Are Eggs Ready For Retrieval?

Challenges Facing Fertility Specialists

What is the future of fertility medicine?

How does removing the fallopian tubes affect fertility?

After a tubal ligation, what are the fertility options?

Why Choose SCRC?

How long does it take to get pregnant after stopping the pill?

What causes sperm to not fertilize some eggs?

Should a woman stop diet pills before trying to get pregnant?

What is the value of the Embryoscope?

When should a woman consider freezing her eggs?

What is placenta previa and how does it affect fertility?

What is the Embryoscope?

Pelvic Inflamatory Disease

Describe the latest technologies available in IVF?

How does an irregular period affect fertility?

Sterilization and Surrogacy

What is hypogonadism and how does it affect fertility?

Resolving Your Infertility

Can an ovarian cyst contribute to infertility?

Blood Tests in IVF Treatments.

Lab Air Quality.

Ovarian Hyperstimulation.

How successful is egg freezing?

How does pelvic inflammation affect fertility?

Women in their 40's wanting children.

What effect does Lupus have on fertility?

The Ideal Age To Be A Surrogate

Who should freeze their eggs?

Cancer and egg freezing

Egg Freezing - Embryo Quality

Egg Freezing - Techniques

Cancer Patients Waiting for IVF

How successful is egg freezing?

Geritol and infertility?

Dr. Mark Surrey on KNBC

How does a patient prepare for an IVF treatment?

Does Geritol play a role infertility?

What is 3rd party reproduction?

Stigma - Egg donation

Egg Freezing

Dr. Mark Surrey on KNBC

Embryo Hatching

Tubal Ligation


Egg Donation Limit

Secondary Infertility

WIFI and Sterility

What is an ACGH fertility test?

Who are candidates foe genetic counseling?

Eating Disorders

Recovery time after surgery

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